Bringing Balance Back to Nutrition


Hello and Welcome!

I'm Talia Cecchele, Australian born and UK Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist working in private practice and as an eating disorder specialist dietitian in London's leading private mental health hospital.

I specialise in eating disorders and disordered eating working with both children and adults.

I want to help you to achieve your nutrition and health goals by showing you how to Nourish with Balance without dieting, by getting back to nutrition basics and cooking wholesome, easy meals and snacks. 

I look forward to supporting you along the way!

Simplify Nutrition

Nourishing your body and knowing what to cook can seem a daunting task, especially when you are confused about nutrition or are improving your relationship with food. You don't have to follow a fad diet, stock your cupboard with "superfoods" or break your budget to nourish your body well. Don't overcomplicate it. Bring it back to basics with simple ingredients and balance.

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Nourish With Balance.

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