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Food isn't good or bad. It's just food.

We're here to support you to ditch the diet mentality and

bring balance back to nutrition

London, United Kingdom & Worldwide Consultations

Welcome to Talia Cecchele Nutrition!

(a.k.a. TCN)


We are so glad that you stumbled across our little corner of the Earth. At TCN we promote a non-diet, weight inclusive and compassionate approach to nutrition and healing your relationship with food and body. We are a team of registered specialist dietitians who are experts in treating disordered eating and eating disorders by supporting clients to break free from diet rules to re-learn their innate knowledge of nutrition and self care.  


Founded in 2021 by highly specialist dietitian Talia Cecchele, the TCN team are passionate about truly getting to know our clients and their individual life stories and work in a non-judgmental, approachable and down-to-earth way.

Our team expertise extends beyond eating disorder recovery and intuitive eating to include nutrition in sports performance and food difficulties and neurodiversity

How can we support you?


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What do our clients say?

TCN Clinic has been very helpful in my recovery journey from anorexia. Talia is very knowledgeable about EDs and sets targets that feel reachable, while always encouraging me to push a little further. She has also led me to question many rules and thoughts I had around food. My recovery is still work in progress but I am very happy to have Talia's support


- Marie -


Let's simplify nutrition

Nourishing your body and knowing what to cook can seem a daunting task, especially when you are confused about nutrition or are improving your relationship with food. You don't have to follow a fad diet, stock your cupboard with "superfoods" or break your budget to nourish your body well. Don't overcomplicate it. Bring it back to basics with simple ingredients and balance. We've got over 100 dietitian-approved recipes to inspire you!



NEW RECIPE!__I made this salad on Friday



Snacks & Baking


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