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Talia Cecchele Eating Disorder Dietitian

Dietetic Consultations

We are a team of specialist dietitians and provide personalised consultations in eating disorders and disordered eating, digestive issues and sports nutrition

What we do best.

We are passionate about helping people improve their relationship with food, overcome their eating disorder and find food freedom. We understand how daunting it can be reaching out for help, so please know we aren't here to judge. Having a disordered relationship with food is not something to be embarrassed about. We see you and we have helped hundreds of people with similar experiences to you. 

Do you know someone that has recovered from an

eating disorder and regretted it?


We don't.

Nourish with balance.

We specialise in supporting people with:

We support children, women and men of all ages and can offer support to family or friends.


All of our Dietitians have experience working in the NHS in mental health and eating disorders. We will work closely with any other health professionals (such as a psychologist or GP) to give you the best support possible.  

All our sessions are online. You can read our clinic FAQ here

One more thing. 

You are worthy of having a healthy relationship with food. You might not believe it. But we do. 

What do our clients say?

I feel very supported and with a lot of compassion, which always lacked with my previous dietitians


- Marie -

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