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Talia Cecchele Eating Disorder Dietitian

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the initial consultation?

The initial consultation provides an opportunity for your Dietitian to get to know you and best understand your current challenges and goals. They will talk about your medical history, weight history, eating behaviours & dietary intake. At the end of the consultation your Dietitian will provide recommendations, a treatment plan and activities/homework to complete for the follow up consultation. 

What happens during the follow-up consultation?

During follow-up sessions your Dietitian will review your progress since which might include food & thought diaries or homework tasks. You will work together to build your toolbox of strategies to manage your eating issues and work towards your goals. 

How many sessions will I need?

Recovery from an eating disorder/disordered eating takes time. The number of sessions needed vary from person to person and range from weekly support to less intensive sessions every 4-6 weeks depending on your goals and progress. In our experience, at least 8-12 sessions are required on average to make sustainable change. 

Will I receive a meal plan?

If you are on a weight restoration diet, your Dietitian will create a meal plan which will be a template of an example of what to eat in a day. This will include suggestions for the types and amounts of food which is needed to improve your health but it will not be so specific to tell you exactly what to eat for every meal and snack. Your Dietitian will educate you on how to build balanced meals and snacks to help you to achieve your goals. And just so you know... we won't be talking calories as that's not a normal way to eat.

We follow the RAVES approach to normalising eating, which means that for some people a more structured meal plan is required, before transitioning into intuitive eating. Our recommendations will be based on where your current relationship with food and difficulties are. In other words, we won't recommend intuitive eating as the first step for every person in our clinic, but for others this will be an appropriate first step.

I don't live in the UK, can I still receive support?

Yes! All consultations are online. Due to insurance reasons though, we can work with clients anywhere except the USA & Canada (sorry!)

Will I need to take any tests prior to an appointment?

Your Dietitian might request blood tests and a physical health check with your GP prior to the initial consultation or after depending on your medical history. 

What is the difference between a Dietitian and Nutritionist?

The British Dietetic Association has a brilliant summary which you can read over on their website

How much does a session cost?

The cost of an initial consultation (75 minutes) is £150 and follow up consultation is  £130 (50 minutes) or £90 (30 minutes). 

What does the cost of a consultation cover? 

A lot of people don't realise that the cost of a consultation covers a lot more than the session you have. It covers the planning before each session, documentation after the session, liaising with other members of your healthcare team, emails between sessions, research and more! All of these things take time. At the end of the day it means that you are better supported and this is why we don't cram lots of appointments into our week (and sometimes have a waiting list) because we want to give you the best support possible

Are your consultations covered by health insurance?

Currently, none of our Dietitians are registered with health insurance companies (e.g. BUPA, AXA, Vitality).  

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