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Enquiries form

The fastest way to book your first appointment or ask about any of our services is to fill out the enquiry form below. You will receive an email back from our team within two business days. We will email you with information regarding clinician availability and/or other services and the next steps to working with us.


If you are interested in receiving support from our clinic dietitians, fill in the form below to give us some brief details about the support you require.

Please kindly note the following ahead of completing the enquiry form:

  • Talia is unfortunately not accepting new clients (Talia is fully booked)

  • We are delighted to work as a virtual clinic and support people remotely all over the globe, however not all of our dietitians can support people living in the U.S.A and Canada due to insurance cover. If you are sending an enquiry from the U.S.A or Canada, our dietitian Toni can support adults, however they will need to assess if they are the right fit for you based on your goals and their skill set so please send as much detail through in the enquiry form below and we will let you know! 

  • Our team is not registered with private insurance companies. Please enquire with your insurance company if you can claim back on self-funded dietetic sessions

We look forward to hearing from you!

Talia Cecchele Eating Disorder Dietitian
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