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Rule Breaker Challenge

Take Back Control
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What is Rule Breaker?

Do you want to break down your food rules and overcome your food fears?


Are you exhausted from overthinking your food choices, tracking calories or weighing food?


Are you fed up of always missing out or avoiding social events?


Are you stuck in your recovery to find food freedom?  

Introducing you to the Rule Breaker Challenge. 

Rule Breaker is a six week challenge which will help you to take back control of your food choices. You will receive daily support and education to give you the confidence to ditch any food rules and overcome food fears so that you can live a thriving life. Just as you deserve. 

More smiles, less worries.  

Who is Rule Breaker for?

Rule Breaker is for you if you have an eating disorder or disordered relationship with food and:

  • Your food choices are influenced by food rules, food fears, calorie tracking or body image concerns

  • You are ready to step up to the challenge of adding more variety & flexibility to your diet and overcoming food fears 

Please note:

  • Rule Breaker is not for you if you are in recovery from an eating disorder or disordered relationship with food and are medically unstable, significantly underweight or at risk or re-feeding syndrome. 

The 30 day challenge was a saviour and motivation boost I needed for my recovery. Talia's incredible support, hard work and amazing expertise in nutrition has allowed me learn so much in such a short space of time. Plus she's an absolute joy! My mindset has taken a huge shift and allowed me to begin a path towards a more hopeful future...thank you Talia!

—  Imogen, 30 Day Food Rule Challenge — 

What do you get as a Rule Breaker?

Rule Breaker is packed full with support. You will get:


  • Access to our private Rule Breaker Community on Facebook for motivation, accountability and 24/7 support from the TCN team and other Rule Breakers

  • Two LIVE food challenges per week with Talia on zoom which will be recorded so you can access them for the duration of the challenge

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A in the Facebook group (with included food challenge)

  • One cook-a-long OR guest educational webinar per week which will be recorded so you can access them for the duration of the challenge

  • BONUS "How To" meal guidance videos each week

  • BONUS self-guided food rule challenges every week

Meet our guest speakers

Kendra Blake

Kendra is an expert holistic health & lifestyle Occupational Therapist based in London, supporting and empowering individuals to make positive and, most importantly, sustainable changes to their lives through daily practices.

Originally from South Africa, Kendra trained as an Occupational Therapist at the University of Cape Town and has been working in the field of mental health and Eating Disorder Recovery for over 5 years.

She now successfully runs Blake Wellness, holistically supporting individuals with lifestyle choices, movement goals, stress management, resilience and coping skills, sleep hygiene and having an effective daily routine. 


Rule Breaker Webinar

Recovery can be challenging, and is often made even more difficult when we are confronted by emotions that feel hard to tolerate or the voice of a loud self-critic. Kendra will be sharing her thoughts, some theory and helpful tools that you can use whilst navigating some of these internal challenges individuals in recovery face. 

Áine Loi

Áine is a specialist eaitng disorder Occupational Therapist and associate nutritionist working at The Family Treatment Service. She supports clients and their families through individual consultations and also runs family and carer support groups at The Family Treatment Service and Beat. Áine has been working in eating disorders for several years and has completed a MSc in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition.


Rule Breaker Webinar

Áine will be running a webinar on the role of the occupational therapist in eating disorders, including how ED’s impact on daily living activities and quality of life. She will also discuss the benefits of practical exposure based therapy, tips on how to manage feelings of guilt, and advice on how to increase your confidence and work towards body image neutrality. 

Sarah Liz King

Sarah is a Health At Every Size (HAES) Exercise Physiologist and health coach who uses scientific fact and her personal journey to empower other women to develop a permanent positive relationship with food, exercise and their bodies. Through her private practice1:1 and group coaching programs, as well as her online community Recovery Club, she helps women regain their periods, balance their hormones, find food freedom and have a healthier relationship with exercise all while gaining body confidence. Her primary belief is to ‘unlearn’ everything about diet culture. It’s about nourishing the body and mind with scientific facts to build foundations for a life of realness, not just wellness.


Rule Breaker Webinar

Sarah will be sharing her lived experience of recovery from her eating disorder and how she got her period back. She will be answering all your questions about her journey, and share her wisdom on how to have a healthy relationship with exercise, your body and food again!


TBC (Round 2)

When does Rule Breaker start?

The second round of Rule Breaker will start in September, 2021