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Talia Cecchele

Rule Breaker is currently undergoing a revamp!


What is the Rule Breaker challenge?

Rule Breaker was born from a 30 day fear food challenge that was created during the January, 2021 lockdown. It involved Talia coming on to do an Instagram live every day, for 30 days and eating a snack or meal with her community. It was a success and inspired Talia to create a structured 6-week group challenge to support people to take back control of their food choices in a safe and supportive environment. 


How was Rule Breaker run in the past?

Rule Breaker was a 6-week online group challenge designed to help people to face food fears and overcome food rules. There were three sessions each week and in each session, the team of Rule Breakers were joined by Talia to eat a meal or snack. It was a virtual meal support session that progressively increased in difficulty over the six weeks. Talia designed the challenge to include the most common fear foods and rules. 

What will Rule Breaker look like in the future?

You can expect the same meal support sessions, but a different format will be available so that people can work at their own pace. That's all we can say for now, but we'll update you closer to the release date. 

When can I expect Rule Breaker to be available?

Stay up to date by subscribing to the mailing list where you will be the first to find out!


Any questions?

Please don't hesitate to send us an email!

Testimonials from Rule Breaker graduates

Given me my life back!

The [members] in the group were fantastic and I feel so lucky to call them my friends and being able to watch them smash challenge after challenge and feel stronger each week was such a privilege. The support we gave each other was amazing. My attitude, behavior and relationship with food, my body and fitness has transformed and I have never felt better. Thank you Talia, you have given me my life back.

Kickstart my recovery

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You have helped me kickstart my recovery and get ‘unstuck’. Through rule breaker I have been able to create momentum in my recovery and believe i will be able to continue challenging myself. Rule breaker has really helped me normalise food and know that eating the foods we did multiple times a week is totally normal and nothing to fear/avoid. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Changed my life!

In the space of six weeks, I feel that I have gained a better understanding of nutrition, have been able to challenge many of the foods that I had not been able to have in over ten years, broken many of the rules that have restricted my life and met a bunch of incredible people! I am truly grateful to have been part of this experience, to have met Talia and finally believe that full recovery is a possibility for me.

I'm a changed person

The dedication, time, love and patience Talia puts in to each of these sessions and throughout the whole challenge is unbelievable. I felt so supported the whole time. Feeling heard and being given the time to talk about really vulnerable and uncomfortable things has been life changing and I honestly owe Talia and this challenge so much.

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