Rule Breaker Challenge

Take Back Control

After the incredible success of the 30 Day Food Rule Challenge run on Instagram in January, we have spent the last couple of months with our thinking caps on nutting out how to turn a last-minute idea into something special. 

Do you want to break down your food rules and overcome food fears?


Are you fed up of not being able to join in on social occasions? 

Are you exhausted from overthinking your food choices? 

Introducing you to the Rule Breaker Challenge. 

What is Rule Breaker?

Rule Breaker is a six week challenge which will help you to take back control of your food choices. You will receive daily support and education to give you the confidence to ditch any food rules and overcome food fears so that you can live a thriving life. Just as you deserve. 

More smiles, less worries.  

Who is Rule Breaker for?

Rule Breaker is for you if you:

  • Have a disordered relationship with food and food choices are influenced by food rules, food fears, calorie tracking or body image concerns

  • Are overcoming an eating disorder and ready to step up to the challenge of adding more variety & flexibility to your diet and overcoming food fears 

Please note:

  • Rule Breaker is not for you if you are in recovery from an eating disorder or disordered relationship with food and are just beginning your recovery journey, are medically unstable or at risk or re-feeding syndrome. 

The 30 day challenge was a saviour and motivation boost I needed for my recovery. Talia's incredible support, hard work and amazing expertise in nutrition has allowed me learn so much in such a short space of time. Plus she's an absolute joy! My mindset has taken a huge shift and allowed me to begin a path towards a more hopeful future...thank you Talia!

—  Imogen, 30 Day Food Rule Challenge — 

What do you get as a Rule Breaker?

Rule Breaker is packed full with support (updated 15th April). You will get:


  • Access to our private Rule Breaker Community on Facebook for motivation, accountability and 24/7 support from the TCN team and other Rule Breakers

  • Two LIVE food challenges per week with Talia on zoom which will be recorded so you can access them for the duration of the challenge

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A in the Facebook group (with included food challenge)

  • One cook-a-long OR guest educational webinar per week which will be recorded so you can access them for the duration of the challenge

  • BONUS "How To" meal guidance videos each week

  • BONUS self-guided food rule challenges every week




That's less than the cost of two consultations in the clinic with over 10 times the amount of support. Worth it? We think so. 

When does Rule Breaker start?

We are preparing for launch day on Monday 17th May. The number of Rule Breakers will be limited to keep the community tight, but there will be a minimum number for the challenge to go ahead as planned. Fingers crossed (we'll keep you up to date). 


Excited and want to know more?

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