Hi! I'm Talia

I am a registered dietitian and nutritionist in London. I work as a specialist eating disorder dietitian in private practice and part-time in London's leading private mental health hospital on a specialist eating disorders unit.

It was by chance that I fell into the specialist area of eating disorders many years ago and I've never looked back! I feel so honoured to be in a position to support people to improve their relationship with food and to live the life they deserve. I have worked with hundreds of women and men who have been negatively influenced by diet culture, nutrition misconceptions and fad diets. It can be confusing knowing who to trust when everyone has an opinion about nutrition and that's where I can help. 

I offer realistic, evidence based advice and nourishing recipes to make achieving your health goals that little bit less difficult.


I offer 1:1 nutrition consultations online (thanks to covid) and my approach is holistic and personalised. I don't believe in restrictive diets and you won't see me offering a one-size-fits all meal plan. I believe that having a positive relationship with food is just as important as what you eat and I aim to teach you how to eat for long-term health.


I also provide services such as corporate workshops and brand collaborations. Head over to the services page to enquire and catch me on instagram and @tcnutrition.


Nourish with balance

Perfect diets don't exist

Body okay

Be kind always

Qualifications & Registrations

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Class 1 Honours)

University of Wollongong 


Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition and Dietetics

Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne


Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity

National Centre for Eating Disorders (for completion in 2020)


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Nourish With Balance.

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