Disordered Eating or Eating Disorder?

Written by Talia Cecchele for The Food Medic Education Hub

Disordered eating is on the rise. There are more people than ever with an unhealthy relationship with food as dieting has become the new “normal” in our society. It’s becoming rare to find someone that isn’t talking about weight loss, dieting, going on a detox or being “good” with their eating.

When food rules are created, this then paves the way for disordered eating behaviours, which then have the potential to evolve into an eating disorder.

Head to The Food Medic where I discuss:

  • How common eating disorders are in the UK

  • What is disordered eating

  • Why people develop disordered eating

  • What are traits of disordered eating

  • The physical and medical risks of engaging in disordered eating

  • How we can make a shift to improve our relationship with food

  • What treatment is available for disordered eating

If you are struggling with your relationship with food, please enquire about our services, speak to your GP or head to Beat to speak to a trained member of the helpline.

TC x


Talia is a registered dietitian working in private practice and as an eating disorder specialist dietitian in London's leading private mental health hospital. As a freelance dietitian, Talia not only offers 1:1 consultations but can present at your workplace, create recipes or articles or host a cooking demonstration. To enquire please fill out a contact form.