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Rule Breaker Challenge

Take Back Control
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Register for the challenge

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Thanks for registering! I can't wait to break rules with you!

Rule Breaker Registrations have closed. Please email if you wish to enquire. Stay up to date about the next round by subscribing to the mailing list.

Are you ready to overcome food rules, but are struggling to challenge them on your own?

Do you want to reduce feelings of guilt and anxiety when eating?

Are you stuck in your journey to find food freedom?  

Do you want to be a part of a community that understands how difficult challenging food rules can be?

Introducing you to the Rule Breaker Challenge. 

Changed my life!

"In the space of six weeks, I feel that I have gained a better understanding of nutrition, have been able to challenge many of the foods that I had not been able to have in over ten years, broken many of the rules that have restricted my life and met a bunch of incredible people! I am truly grateful to have been part of this experience, to have met Talia and finally believe that full recovery is a possibility for me."


I'm a changed person

"The dedication, time, love and patience Talia puts in to each of these sessions and throughout the whole challenge is unbelievable. I felt so supported the whole time. Feeling heard and being given the time to talk about really vulnerable and uncomfortable things has been life changing and I honestly owe Talia and this challenge so much."


What is the Rule Breaker challenge?

Rule Breaker is a six week supported group challenge which will help you to take back control of your food choices. You will receive support and education to give you the confidence to ditch food rules and overcome food fears so that you can live a thriving life. Just as you deserve. 


Rule Breaker is a challenge designed to help you to face food fears and overcome food rules. We understand how difficult it can be to move away from black & white thoughts around food, and challenge new foods on your own. That's where Rule Breaker can help! In each session, you will join Talia to eat a meal or snack. It is a virtual meal support session that progressively increases in difficulty over the six weeks. 


Talia has designed the challenge to include the most common fear foods and rules. In advance of each week you will receive the details for the sessions so that you can plan your meals and snacks (but not too much notice as we want to minimise anxiety). We understand how daunting it can be however please know that the further you progress, the less difficult it becomes as you build confidence that nothing bad will happen because #foodisfood.


Who is Rule Breaker for?

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If you are still unsure whether Rule Breaker is for you, please email to arrange a discovery call with Talia. As part of the registration process for the Rule Breaker package, we will collect further details about your eating disorder history and goals to ensure the group challenge is the best support for you. 

Given me my life back!

"The [members] in the group were fantastic and I feel so lucky to call them my friends and being able to watch them smash challenge after challenge and feel stronger each week was such a privilege. The support we gave each other was amazing. My attitude, behavior and relationship with food, my body and fitness has transformed and I have never felt better. Thank you Talia, you have given me my life back."

Kickstart my recovery

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You have helped me kickstart my recovery and get ‘unstuck’. Through rule breaker I have been able to create momentum in my recovery and believe i will be able to continue challenging myself. Rule breaker has really helped me normalise food and know that eating the foods we did multiple times a week is totally normal and nothing to fear/avoid. Thank you thank you thank you!!


What's included?

This year, Rule Breaker looks a little different. We are offering three tiered packages so that you can select the level of support that best suits where you are in your recovery.

This means, if you don't quite feel ready to go All In, you can still join us once a week for motivation and inspiration with a weekly challenge to get you started or you can go at your own pace. With the Challenge Me package you can choose to go at your own pace or start the challenge at another time of year. In the past, some people have chosen to complete the challenge with a family member, friend or health professional. 

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What happens during a Q&A session? Each week, there will be an opportunity to submit nutrition or recovery-focused questions to Talia. During the Q&A session she will answer your questions and if time permits, any questions that come through live. These sessions will include a food challenge.   

What happens during a live food challenge? Similar to the Q&A, join Talia in session to challenge a meal or snack. These sessions are more flexible than the Q&A in that Talia can answer questions, but it is also an opportunity to practice social eating. These are an opportunity to relax as much as possible and get to know each other. 

How to sessions work? All sessions are online on zoom. You will be sent details on how to join the live sessions after registration. All sessions are recorded so you can watch the replay if you can't join live, or if you live in a different time zone. 

I live outside of the UK, can I join? Yes! We have had members join from Ireland, Dubai, Spain and even Australia. Virtual sessions make it possible to join from all over the world. If the time zone doesn't work you can make it work to your advantage by joining the sessions with a different meal/snack or challenging yourself to eat foods at different times than what you are used to. Food flexibility is part of normal eating.

What is the challenge calendar? The challenge calendar is the 6 week calendar designed by Talia. It includes progressive food challenges specified on each of the three days the challenge sessions take place. On the other days, there are suggestions on self-paced challenges which you can either choose to complete or use as inspiration to challenge yourself in another way. The challenge calendar gives you a matrix to use flexibly and also to repeat the challenge on your own at another time.

The package also includes resources and homework tasks to complete each week to help you challenge thinking styles and food beliefs. 

What topics are included in the educational videos? Topics for the educational videos include starvation syndrome, digestive issues, bone health, achieving a healthy weight, overcoming calorie counting and body image.

What is the Facebook group? This group is our little community hub where people can post questions and support each other. 

What is the private message group? As part of the Rule Breaker package, you will have a private group on Facebook Messenger with Talia to ask more specific questions and can message Talia privately as well.  

When does Rule Breaker start?

Rule Breaker has been placed on pause while we build a BIGGER and BETTER program. Please check back in mid-2022. 


If you have any other questions, please email


How big is the group of Rule Breakers?

In order for Rule Breaker to be an effective challenge and form of support, we need a minimum of five members to sign up. The group will be capped at 15 members.

Let's break rules together!
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